Dear users & supporters,

Notice: If you lost funds using our wallet and have not been reimbursed for losses, please contact us.

Last year, we set out to create an easy-to-use, anonymous Ethereum wallet which did not require e-mail registration. As one of the first mobile wallets for Ethereum and some of the first developers to build application-layer solutions for the Ethereum blockchain, many of the great, open source projects for managing Ethereum wallets did not yet exist.

We had several hurdles. At one point, a library that we used (CoPay) rendered one of our early releases unusable.

Some users were not able to send funds out of our wallets. To help users, we began storing some of their credentials server-side to help future users retrieve their funds in the event of issues.

This created other vulnerabilities. In September, many accounts were looted. We received e-mails from many users demanding funds taken using their credentials. Unable to reimburse everyone and service new users, we removed the app from the store. As enough funds became available to us to help affected users, we reimbursed users over time.

Currently, we have reached out to every user who e-mailed us and sent lost funds to users whose accounts were affected. If you have used our app and are missing funds, please contact us with details about your account, so we can conclude the transmission of funds lost from the Peerther-issued wallet. As we never stored e-mail accounts, it is impossible for us to find everyone without first receiving a message with information.

The Peerther app was discontinued in October due these many issues. Unfortunately, we do not plan to relaunch.

Thanks to all who tried and supported our application. It was a great, however painful, learning experience.

Thanks again,

- Peerther